Providing the latest in institutional FX technology
Using artificial intelligence, our smart order routing is more than just smart.  It searches out the liquidity that your customers needs on the spot.
We designed our product for high-frequency, institutional trading.  Cross-connected to major venues, it provides executions in sub-milliseconds and provides multi-factor scaling.
Make your liquidity stand out with improved fill rates, lower hold times and more volume.
Our Product
Begining in 2011, IO-Works began delivering FX-Works, a high-frequency liquidity hub for institutional FX trading.  Always adapting to client needs, we have continually added features and scaling to be at the forefront of technology and performance.
  1. Connectivity
    Take and make liquidity from and to a large number of sources: BAML, BARX, BNPP, Cantor, CFH, CITI, COMMERZ, CS, Currenex, DB, Edgewater, Fastmatch, FXall, GainGTX, GS, HSBC, Hotspot, ICAP, Integral, Invast, JPM, LMAX, MS, MUFG, Nomura, ParFX, Saxo, Standard, SocGen, Solid FX, UBS
  2. High Performance
    300usec latency 150k/sec burst quote throughput 6k/sec burst order throughput
  3. Front-end Integration
    FTT MT4, ACT Trader, Gold-i, HTML5 Admin
  4. SaaS
    An experienced support team for 24/5 support Service provided in all major data centers
  5. Back-Office Integration
    Elysium, Triana, Newedge, Drop Copy
  6. API Connectivity
    Standard FIX integration supporting marking making, taking, and complex order types.
  7. Risk Management
    Pre-trade credit check controls for live viewing and control of customer credit.
  8. Complex Order Types
    Iceberg, OCO, IfDone, IfDoneOCO, Pegged, Stop Limit, Stop Loss, Trailing Stop, TWAP

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